Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Knog Boomers/Tools & Pedal/Grip Restock

The Knog Boomer tail light is now available. I've been excited about this product for months. Finally, a high power LED tail light with the clean, functional design of a Knog housing. I've been using the Planet Bike Superflash for years because it was the only tail light with a super bright high power led that wasn't huge. Still, the housing/bracket is lacking the clean, simple design that you get in a Knog.

Restock on Oury grips. All colors: $14

Knog Boomer: $29

Knog 7 Function Tool: $30
Knog 12 Function Tool: $36

Odyssey PC Twisted pedals. White, Clear/Purple Thermal: $18

In my search for a metal bmx style pedal for a reasonable price, I came across the DMR V8. Alloy pedal, chromoly axle, adjustable bearings (comes with grease syringe). Black or White $34

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