Thursday, July 30, 2009

Volume Cutter and Fu Man Chu

Hey kids!

This post goes out to anyone interested in scooping either a Volume Cutter frame or a Fu Man Chu fork. Volume has a shipment of frames and forks scheduled for mid August. This is your chance to guarantee the hook up. Throw down a deposit and you're in! ($175 down on the frame and $80 on the fork.)

(Copied and pasted from Volume email)
Cutter Colors are: Glow-in-the-Dark Mint (50-59), Translucent Red (Small Quantity 50-56), White (50-56), Raw (FINALLY 50-56). Fu Manchu Colors: White (1-1/8" Only), Flat Black (1" & 1-1/8"), Glow Mint (1" & 1-1/8"), Raw (1" & 1-1/8")

Call in your order (407-286-0417) or come by the shop.

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