Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jammin Out.

SHOP NEWS: I'm out of here for a few days. We'll have regular-ish hours Wednesday through Saturday this week and about 3/4 scale on mechanic work. Preston and Gus are gonna hold it down cause I'm heading to Jamaica tomorrow for a wedding. Come see these guys and hang! If you're not already aware, Gus and I (meaning Gus) started 407fixedgear.com back in the day and Preston has been riding strong for years now. They both have great product knowledge and can offer a different perspective on riding, parts, accessories, etc. Plus, neither one of these guys talk nearly as much as I do so the 1/2 hour chainring bolt conversations will be at a minimum. Thanks beauties!... Back to normal on Tuesday.

image via messengerofdoom.files.wordpress.com

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