Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2010 Fuji and SE Completes!

I've been neglecting the blog pretty badly lately and I promise to turn that around. Thanks to everyone that continues to check it for updates. We have a few new bikes coming this week and here's a look at the first round. The 2010 SE bikes all have removable decals and the Fuji bikes paint look SO good in person. Good deals on good looking completes are found throughout both 2010 lines. (*Flickr and blogger don't work well together so just click the images for the non-cutoff versions.)

Se Draft Lite 52 Black 2
Se Draft Lite 52 Black 1
Fuji Feather Blue 58 2
Fuji Feather Blue 58 1
Fuji Classic Track 52 Orange 2
Fuji Classic Track 52 Orange 1

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