Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Volume News

*UPDATE* According to Volume, The Cutter III will be available July 1st. Colors are raw, white, and metallic green but, the raw got delayed so they're getting some flat black to hold over. Also, the decals will be removable: no clearcoat over the decals!

*Redundant from my post on 407fixed but thought it was important to let everyone know that we'll be stocking all of these items here at Ace Metric.

I got en email from Volume today with an update on the new fork, the 3rd generation Cutter, 27.2 pivotal seatposts, and the Krull spider. All items are due to ship to your local bike shop in a week or so.

The "Fu Manchu" forks (new name, apparently no one liked "Bundchen Legs") are on their way and will be available in both 1" and 1 1/8". The fork will retail at about $165.

3rd Generation Cutters will feature a few improvements/changes based on feedback regarding the 2nd generation. Raised logo on the head tube, longer track ends (dropouts), and pinched chain stays for more tire clearance (they say "28c+").

Volume is the first company that I know of making a pivotal seatpost in 27.2. They'll be available in black, white, and polished and retail at about $22.

The brand new "Krull" Spider will retail at about $65. The jury is still out on whether or not the splined bmx spindle crank set ups hold up to fixed gear abuse over time. I know that there are a few riders out there using similar drivetrains but, I've read about some problems they've encountered.

Overall, it's good to see companies that have the means to do intelligent R&D are doing it and creating stronger components where need be.

*Cutter owners: If you don't already know, Volume is taking photo submissions for a contest in which the winner will recieve a new "Fu Manchu" fork. Deadline 5/31.

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  1. mike, how much are the volume3 going for? and do you know what colors there going to come in?

  2. Hey buddy. I just typed out a long response then lost it. Call me tomorrow and I'll give you more detail but Frame: $350 Fork: $165.

  3. Awesome man thanks for the color update. Any idea what the metallic green looks like? I was really diggin the raw, how long was it delayed?

  4. They said it's kind of a dark metallic green but the green and white are both sold out to pre orders. No word yet on the arrival date on the raw.