Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ace Metric 5T: Train Trip to the Track. Brian Piccolo Park

I'm in the early planning stages of the inaugural Ace Metric 5T: Train Trip to the Track. I need to know how much interest this will get in order to continue the planning. Basically, the goal is to get as many riders as possible to meet here at the shop, take the Amtrak to Ft. Lauderdale, ride the velodrome, camp overnight, ride the velodrome again the following day, then take the train back. I think this has the potential to be an awesome event and I'd like to get some feedback and ideas from you all. Email me at

Here's a map and directions from the Hollywood Amtrak Station to Brian Piccolo Park. No camping in Piccolo Park but we can probably just camp on the beach nearby.


  1. i dont know when you planning on doing this but please let me know in advance and im down for this!

  2. I down except for the camping part. I might play the pampered prince and get a hotel room...

  3. like i said on flfixed carpooling would be much cheaper and that might allow more people to come.

  4. yo yo

    the beach isnt as near as u think. its at least 20 miles. howeves, i live 5 miles from the velodrome, on a ranch. so maybe there could be a sleepover. if not, there's camping nearby. bringin orlandis to SOFL baby