Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Soma Spokes... IN COLOR

Soma has recently dropped *affordable* colored spokes. They only come in two lengths but one of those is a very common length for 32 hole 3 cross wheels with deep Vs and high flange hubs. White, yellow, orange, red, blue, pink, or green spokes and silver spoke nipples for $30 per wheel. Build up a custom wheel or wheelset with these gems!

This thunderstorm...

Is a pain in my ass. Tuesday shop hours: 2pm-8pm.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Build!

This is Rob's brand new EAI Bare Knuckle. He picked out some choice components and we built it up just in time for him to move to Nashville. Good luck out there and rip it up buddy! Check it out...

Thursday Update

Obligations were fulfilled early today so the shop will be open from 2:30 til 7. Thanks!

Thursday 6/25/09

Sorry folks, we're not gonna be able to open today. Come see us tomorrow before Critical Mass.